nmrML Tutorial material (ppt and PDF)

A brief overview on the scope and capabilities of nmrML can be found in this high level introductory talk (ppt), which was recently presented at MetaboMeeting2017. A more elaborate entrypoint to get familiar with nmrML is the open access nmrML paper. We have also created a FAQ style tutorial, which briefly lists, documents and links all relevant resources: Tutorial-PDF

Mapping tables from vendor parameters to nmrML elements

We maintain a mapping table that illustrates the mappings that the vendor to nmrML converter exploits to map from the vendor parameters to nmrML elements: Parameter Mapping Spreadsheet

nmrML tutorial videos

We have created a few tutorial videos that illustrate the useage of the format converter and validation webservices: the COSMOS youtube channel Please keep im mind that there can be minor GUI updates which have not been reflected in the youtube tutorial films. The overall process however is regarded as pretty robust and we have invested extra effort in guiding the users through the tools' usage, e.g. by adding 'mouse-over' hints.

Tutorial on the nmrML converter

Tutorial on the nmrML validator

Vignette on the nmRIO R